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The historical and cultural Preserve created in 1926 has ensured the protection and restoration of the national artistic heritage of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra architectural complex. It is a unique museum complex and is considered one of the largest such complexes in Eastern Europe. The Preserve has been designated as “National” by a Decree of the President of Ukraine, dated 13th March 1996, given its unique cultural and scientific value.

Today the National preserve "Kyiv-Pechersk lavra" is the largest museum complex of in Ukraine housing, where concentrated 144 historical and cultural are monuments of history and culture. Among those include them – two unique underground complexes, churches, 11th–19th century architectural monuments and exhibition spaces. of XI-XIX centuries. The Preserve is the space of exhibitions too.

Continuing in keeping with Lavra’s educational the tradition of education, the Preserve’s staff continuously engaged in research, holds exhibitions as well as, carries out scientific and educational activities. Recently, a number of new exhibitions have been created, permanent lectures held, published books and exhibition catalogues  published. In addition, annually gather in the Preserve scientists from Ukraine and from abroad flock annually to the scientific conference “"Mohyla's readings Lectures” scientific conference".

The Preserve is an important tourist destination and each year hundreds of thousands of visitors travel from all around the world to visit the Preserve.

Permanent and temporary exhibitions put on display magnificent artefacts such as precious metals, liturgical embroidery and a rich collection of icons. Exhibitions are constantly rotated from the museum’s collection that includes more than 70,000 items. Information is regularly disseminated to the general public about the activities of the museum by means of mass media, publications, collections of scientific papers “The Lavra Almanac” and the “Mohyla Lectures”. An extensive system of museum services is available.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 9th November 1995, which was promulgated for the 2,000 anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Assumption Cathedral was restored. It was consecrated in August 2000.

The main task of the National preserve "Kyiv-Pechersk lavra" is conservation, promotion and exhibition of the cultural heritage. Its work aims at conserving past achievements and passing it on to future generations.

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