Guided tours: +38 (044) 406 63 75.


Kindly agree the tour’s theme, date, time and language (Ukrainian, English, German, Italian, Japanese or Polish) at the tours desk when booking.

We offer guided tours for groups (15 persons at least) and individuals who can join our regularly organised groups at the main entrance. They too will receive a guided tour around the complex (up to 9 persons).

Guided tour services are offered to groups that have made a prior booking as a priority.

Guided overview and thematic lecture tours (guided tours), guided educational tours and, interactive educational tours (quests) around the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve are led exclusively by our own lecturer-guides and researchers.

The guided overview tour lasts 135 minutes due to the complex’s large area (23.5 hectares) that houses 140 buildings and other various structures.

“Microminiatures of M. Siadrystyi”. Mykola Siadrystyi is a unique artist who has been creating micro-miniatures for more than 40 years. The word “micro-miniature” first appeared in dictionaries in reference to his work. The exhibition displays the smallest book in the world, whose pages are sewn together with spider web, the world's smallest chess board with chess pieces placed on the tips of needles, and others marvels.





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