Curious facts about Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Consecration of grape-vine

Did you know that setting out the grape-vine in the 17th–19th c., especially in monastic and church estates, began with the consecration of this type of fruit?

The procedure was described in Trebnik that was published in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in 1646 and belonged to Petro Mohyla, Lavra’s Archimandrite, Metropolitan of Kyiv and Halych (1633–1647).

According to this rite, the priest read the prayer and asked God to bless the vineyard and protect it “from all harm, caterpillars, beetles, various flies, worms and all kinds of reptiles and animals. The prayer was also aimed at protecting the land from hail, snow, frost, icicles and winds as well as burning, storms, demons, visible and invisible enemies”.

At the end, the priest used the Holy water to sprinkle  the grape-vine and grooves for vine springs that were previously prepared. Besides, the priest planted the first vine-grape himself. All other work was done by the vinegrowers.

This once happened to Petro Mohyla, Archimandrite of the Holy Monastery, when he was standing at Pechersk hills and blessing the grape-vine, being warmed up by the morning sun, reflected from the Dnieper River surface...

Natalia Lytvyn

Captions to the illustrations:

1. Archimandrite Petro Mohyla standing on Mount Helicon with the signs of Pastoral Care, Faith and Wisdom in his hands. Illustration for the panegyric “Eucharist or gratitude…to Petro Mohyla…”, 1632.

2. The title page to the book “Euchologion… or Trebnik”, 1646.


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