International scientific and practical conference «Museums and Restoration as Instruments of Cultural Heritage Preservation: Present Day Challenges»

The National Academy of Culture and Arts

National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve


International scientific and practical conference

«Museums and Restoration as Instruments of Cultural Heritage Preservation: Present Day Challenges»



June 9-10, 2016



The conference is aimed at implementing comprehensive scientific approach in reviewing the current state of preservation of cultural heritagestored in museums or private collections; ensuring the restoration of sites or objects and studying restoration development process as part of the museology phenomenon.

The conference is expected to be concentrated around suchdiscussion topics as:

  • current state of national legislature (that has to ensure the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, part of the Museum Fund of Ukraine);
  • implementation of the national museum policy;
  • activities of museums and private collectors (with special emphasis on their role in conserving cultural heritage);
  • peculiarities of cultural heritage preservation;
  • training future professionalrestorers and experts;
  • fundamental and applied research problems inthe sphere of cultural heritage restoration; the bestcultural heritagerestorationpractices.


Conditions for Conference Participation

Scholars of the research institutes, museum institutions, restoration centers, universities as well as post-graduate students, degree seeking applicants and higher educational establishment studentsare invited to participate in the Conference.

International forum participants are planned to receive a collection of conference papers and Certificate of participation.

Forms of Conference participation include full-time and distant options.


Areas of Professional Interest for Conference Participants

1. Museology (theory and history of museology, historiography, methodology and techniques of muzeology research; social structures and social relations, museumsociology, cultural studies).

2. Museography (theory and history of museology, museum institutions and museum activities, preservation of cultural heritage, problems of international museum systems and global development, security of museum collections).

3. Cultural Heritage Preservation (theory and history of cultural heritage preservation, legislation in the field of cultural heritage conservation, problems of cultural landscape preservation, archeology, formation of social and humanitarian milieu).

4. Restoration (theory and history of restoration, restoration methods, requirements for historical and cultural heritage preservation, museum depository, best worldpractices in the sphere of restoration).

5. Public Administration and Public Policy (theory and history of public administration, mechanism of public administration, local government, public administration in the sphere of culture and cultural heritage).


Official Languages of the Conference are Ukrainian, Russian and English.


Requirements for the Conference Report Key Points

1. Conference Report key points should not exceed 5 pages (a4 paper size), be submitted in Microsoft Word text editor (for Windows 6.0, 7.0, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007), with doc file extension, “Times New Roman” typeface (font size 14), 1.5 line spacing, 10mm paragraph indentation and20mm left margin.

2. The List of used literature should be placed in the end of the Conference Report key pointsand entitled “Literature”.

3.Referencesin the text should be put in square brackets, for example: [1, c.89], where numerical numbering(indicating the place of the publication in the source list)stands in the first place, while page/s numbering (showing the exactmentioningof the source list publicationin the text),in the second.Two reference elements have to be separated by comma.


The Procedure of Conference Materials Submission

The deadline for Conference materials submission is May 30, 2016.

Conference materials have to be sent to the Conference Organizational Committee (e-mail address: and include the following positions:

  • Conference Report key points (in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages);
  • Conference RegistrationForm.


Conference Registration Form Sample

  1. Full name of the participant
  2. Full name of the supervisor (ifany)
  3. Place of work/studies
  4. Contact phone number
  5. E-mail address
  6. Postal address for the Conference Collection of Papers to be sent to
  7. Form of participation (full-time or distant)


Conference Reports Key Points Collectionwill be sent to the Forum distant participants in a two-week period after the Conference closure and to the postal address indicated in the Registration Form.


Registration fee for Conference participation is not required.


Conference Organizational Committee Contact Information

National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve

9 Lavrska Str., Kyiv01015, Ukraine

Web pages:;

Contact Phone: +38067744 9877, +38 044 406 63 51

Project Manager: Svitlana Gaga-Sheremetieva


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